Purina Cattle Mineral Products

Smith Farm Supply is your local Purina cattle mineral supplier. We carry brands like the Wind and Rain Hi Mag and Wind and Rain All Season.


Purina cattle mineral products are designed to optimize performance by providing:

  • Consistent, Targeted Intake- Reduces variation in mineral intake and is readily consumed at target intake levels.
  • Balanced Mineral Nutrition- Contains the proper balance of all 14 essential macro and micro minerals to help address forage deficiencies and meet cattle requirements year-round.
  • Weather Resistance – Stands up to the elements through its large particle size, making it harder to blow away and easier for water to pass through.

While minerals are a relatively small portion of the diet, they control many vital functions in cattle and impact everything from cattle reproductive and nervous systems, to feed efficiency and overall herd health. That’s why it’s so important to make sure the mineral needs of your cattle are being met year-round.

To learn more about cattle nutrient requirements, click here.

Source: Purina Animal Nutrition

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