Rio Shells

Rio Shells for Hunting SeasonRio Shells at Smith Farm Supply

Rio Shells are expected to arrive at Smith Farm Supply on August 15th! These shells are available and stocked at all seven locations.  You can’t go wrong with Rio because their shotshells are an affordable choice for game and target shooting. When you are practice shooting for tournaments it can get very expensive but not with Rio shotshells. Rio is not only budget-friendly, but it provides quality that is hard to find with such low costs.

In June 2015, RIO opened their state of the art North American facility in Marshall, Texas. This facility assembles a wide variety of hunting and target loads specifically for the North American market. RIO North America is a division of MAXAM Outdoors, a global leader in the explosives industry. It supplies state-of-the-art munitions to civil, military, and sporting markets in more than sixty countries. It has manufacturing plants in Spain, the UK, and domestically that produce more than 500M shells annually.

Stop by a Smith Farm Supply store today and check out the hunting supplies we just got in.


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