Flea and Tick Control for Dogs and Cats

Flea and Tick Control | Smith FarmSmith Farm Supply carries a variety of flea and tick control products for pets. We have pills and collars for both cats and dogs. Some of our most popular brands are Frontline Plus, ZoGuard Plus, K9 Advantix, Adams, and Seresto.

Adams products for flea and tick prevention are in stock. The summer season is a common time for pets to pick up fleas and ticks because they are more likely to be outside. It is important to protect your dogs and cats from those pesky critters. Adams Flea and Tick Spray do more than just kills fleas, it also prevents fleas and ticks from infesting your pet by knocking out eggs and larvae as well. Adams Flea and Tick Spray will break up the life cycle of fleas for up to 2 full months.

Frontline Plus will kill flea and tick adults, eggs and larvae. It destroys those pesky pets for one month. Frontline Plus breaks the flea life cycle and prevents infestation on your pet and home. Click here and learn how to apply this brand.

The Seresto Flea Control Collar is a very effective new product for controlling fleas on your dog or cat. The Seresto Flea Control Collar lasts for up to 8 months with its innovative sustained release delivery system.

*Seresto is water-resistant and remains effective following a shampoo
 treatment, swimming or after exposure to rain or sunlight. Under normal conditions, effectiveness lasts for 8 months. The flea control duration reduces to 5 months for flea control and 7 months for tick control when dogs swim and bath more than once a month.

  • Kills and repels fleas before they lay eggs
  • Kills and repels ticks
  • Provides odorless, non-greasy and easy-to-use protection
  • Aids in the treatment and control of sarcoptic mange on dogs
  • Kills chewing lice
  • Is water resistant*

Stop by Smith Farm Supply and let us help you map out your flea and tick control plan. We’ve got collars and sprays, all natural flea and tick products, flea dips and more. Let us help your pet stay flea and tick free all summer!


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