Fall Gardening Seeds and Plants

Fall Gardening | Smith Farm SupplyGet ready for fall gardening with Smith Farm Supply’s fall garden seeds and fall plants. We now have in stock collards, mustard, kale seeds and more. Stop by and check out all the varieties of seeds we offer. Come by for a few scoops or a whole bag.

If you are planning your fall garden and need assistance, our expert staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. They can point you to the right plants and seeds specific to your gardening needs.

Fall Gardening Tips

  • Look for plants that have healthy foliage and no roots coming out of the container
  • Buy smaller less expensive plants in 4-inch nursery pots
  • Be sure to check out the plant tags to find out how big they will get and how much sun and water they need
  • Get bagged compost to add to the soil
  • Improve soil quality by digging 10 inches breaking up clods and removing stones
  • When planting be sure to leave enough room to accommodate the full grown plant
  • To prevent weeds and help retain moisture, lay 2 to 3 inches of mulch (such as fine bark) over the soil around plants
  • Water plants still in their nursery containers with a hose before planting

Stop by Smith Farm Supply for your garden seeds or plants.


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