Pennington Rackmaster Food Plot Seeds

Pennington Rackmaster Food Plot Seeds

Pennington Rackmaster Food Plot Seeds are sure to attract the trophy you are looking for this hunting season.  We stock Rackmaster Georgia Giant, Elite, Feeding Frenzy, and Deluxe.

The most important piece of the puzzle when planting you land or lease is choosing the right food plots grown from the best seed.  Through more than two decades of research and development, Pennington has been a leader in the field of wildlife management.  The following Pennington food plot seeds are available at Smith Farm Supply.

RACKMASTER Feeding Frenzy is a mixture of winter annual small grains, brassica, winter peas and re-seeding high protein clovers that deer can’t resist.

RACKMASTER Elite food plot seed mixture is formulated for hunters who are serious about increasing body and antler mass, maximizing the growth of developing fawns and improving the health of the entire whitetail deer herd. This blend of winter annual grasses with perennial forbs and legumes provides year-round nutrition for multiple years without replanting.

RACKMASTER Georgia Giant is a combination of highly succulent and nutrient-rich winter annual small grains, brassica and annual legumes designed for the hunter/landowner who wants to maximize the growth and health of the entire deer herd from fawns to mature bucks. It is also an excellent provider of food, cover and habitat for browsing quail and turkey.

RACKMASTER Fall Deluxe Mixture is a combination of winter annual grasses, legumes and brassica that attract deer and provide the nutrients needed by the deer herd to maintain good body condition throughout the rut and winter stress period. It also furnishes excellent browsing habitat for quail and turkey. A hunter favorite.

Visit Smith Farm Supply to make sure you have the Pennington food plot seed that is right for your land or lease this hunting season.


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