Purina AntlerMax Premium Deer Feeds

Purina AntlerMax Premium Deer Feeds are formulated to maximize every buck’s genetic potential for antlers, optimal reproductive performance and milk production in does, and promote strong and healthy fawns.Purina AntlerMax Premium Deer Feeds

Purina AntlerMax By-Pass Protein technology

Developed in 1995 as an innovative first from Purina Animal Nutrition, AntlerMax® By-Pass Protein technology promotes antler growth by optimizing protein quality. Also, protein in traditional deer feed is typically broken down by bacteria in the deer’s rumen and the deer digests the bacteria in its stomach.

AntlerMax® By-Pass Proteins are protected from being broken down by bacteria. They “by-pass” the bacteria in the rumen, so the high-quality amino acids are digested in the small intestine, which can support greater antler growth. This is a more beneficial digestion process because it delivers a higher concentration of proteins to the growing antlers. The result helps deliver nutrients to the growing antler for the growth of the unbelievable size, speed, and mass at earlier ages.

AntlerMax® Mineral technology

This proprietary technology provides an optimal nutritional mineral package for antler development. Proprietary levels and ratios of essential minerals, including chelated minerals, help maximize every buck’s genetic potential. Moreover, increase antler growth while supporting reproductive performance in does and helping to produce strong, healthy fawns.

AntlerMax® Nutritional enhancements

At Purina Animal Nutrition, we are constantly researching formulations and innovating to ensure our products achieve superior performance. Our AntlerMax® diets contain twice the amount of proprietary AntlerMax® By-Pass Protein than the original formulations. We’ve enhanced the trace mineral levels and ratios to support antler production at an early age. The fat levels have been increased to promote optimal body condition, and we’ve also increased levels of Vitamin D.  Furthermore, these nutritional enhancements better meet the deer’s nutrient requirements, thus optimizing performance.

Regional formulations

Purina® AntlerMax® diets are regionally formulated based on our extensive deer liver research that highlights regional mineral deficiencies. Purina® AntlerMax® diets help meet these regionally focused deficiencies.

The unique combination of AntlerMax® By-Pass Protein technology, mineral technology, nutritional enhancements, and regional formulations.

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Source: Larry Varner, Purina Animal Nutrition

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